About us

House of David Concept is your number one store for all-round clothing in Ibadan, Nigeria.

We pride ourselves in delivering quality and trendy fashion and clothing styles to our customers.

We have gained reputation over the years and we are glad to let you know we have partnered with leading fashion outfits such as Daviva, Excellence and other notable brands in order to satisfy you and fulfill our promise.

We consider you as our prized and cherished asset and will go the extra mile in ensuring you get the best value for your money and time

Our team


Our team is made of the best people you can find around

Customer success and satisfaction is our watchword and this guide us in employing the best to serve you.


“House of Daivd has been a top name in the industry over the years. So far so goog, I have not had any reason to doubt their quality, organization and customer service. Their service is top notch!


“House of David is no doubt the best place to shop. Male or female clothing are easily accessible. They stand true to the word quality in every sense of it. You want quality? Then check them out!